If you’re a lover of books, a self-proclaimed bibliophile, then you know how amazing it is when you can find that cozy spot that draws you in, makes you comfortable, and leaves you to your own devices (aka reading). Book cafés and readers are a match made in heaven, where there are books and coffee (or tea) there will be a devoted reader. Today we’re looking at some beautiful book cafés from around the globe.


Also, check out the comment below the article. There's another spectacular book store/book cafe. 


They all look wonderful. I only wish there was one close to where I live. 

Source: http://www.bookstr.com/article/around-the-world-in-8-book-cafs/3132?utm_campaign=665990_newsletter_170213&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Book%20Str&dm_i=2P56,E9VQ,Z2B5Q,1G7QQ,1